Our projects and activities 

The "Start on the right foot" project support young people from children's homes and foster care at the start of an independent life. We create stories with a happy ending. Be a part of their growth!

Project "Welcome to Czechia" helps the successful integration of Ukrainian war refugees. We are not indifferent to their situation. We focus on the development of entrepreneurial competencies, financial literacy and economic engagement. We provide the necessary mentoring.

The project "Financial Literacy for Schools" is a comprehensive activity that supports practical teaching of financial literacy and the building of healthy financial habits among the young generation at primary and secondary schools. At the same time, we cooperate on systemic changes, which are a necessary condition.

We support education and sharing of experience among educators of children's homes, and we present them with inspiring examples of good practice. Enter a world where we are dedicated to developing and strengthening the competencies of those who take care of children who cannot live in their biological family.

The aim of "the White Crow Award" is to point out the absurdity of prejudices that we have as a society and to present young people from children's homes and foster care to the public as personalities who are just as capable as their peers. We also want to appreciate aunts, uncles and directors from children's homes who give young people their love and care.

The international activity of Global Money Week (GMW) has only one purpose, which is to sow the seeds of money awareness across generations. The goal is to teach people how to raise money and manage it effectively. We are one of the two national organizers. Get involved!


"Project reg. no. TQ01000591: Support and development of financial, digital, social and health literacy in the population 65+ is co-financed with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic under the SIGMA Program."


In our e-shop you will find books produced by yourchance, items from public collections and vouchers. With every purchase, you help our projects.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at the gallery of photos from our events.

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