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Jana Merunková

founder, director

tel. +420 602549310


Lucka is the Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board and the Executive Manager of yourchance. She is in charge of the internal functioning of the company and is responsible for operational management, communicates with embassies and other business partners and experts. Since communication is her strong point, she is also involved in marketing and PR. 

Lucie Sekaninová

Operations manager


Pavla is the backbone of our office, ensuring the smooth running of work processes and effectively coordinating all administrative tasks. With his strong communication, he maintains great relationships with suppliers while aptly identifying and meeting the needs of our team. He is also a key figure in the organization of corporate events.

Pavla Procházková

Office manager


As an experienced specialist in the field of finance and management, Vašek is more than qualified to be in charge of the implementation of the Financial Literacy for Schools project. He is communicative, organizationally capable, and you can also consult with him on professional issues in the field of financial literacy.

Václav Štípek

manažer projektů Finanční gramotnost do škol a Global Money Week

Elenais the project manager and as a co-author of teaching materials for the Ukrainian community, she also conducts consultations as a multicultural worker, consultant and lecturer. It also organizes meetings of the Czech-Ukrainian Friendship Club. She communicates helpfully with the participants of our courses, informal meetings, and actively solves their questions.

Elena Savenkova

 manažerka projektu Vítej v Česku

Jarda prepares inspiring educational events for children from homes and foster care in Moravia. It cooperates with children's homes and provides young people with support and mentoring in their step towards independence.

Jaroslav Juha 

koordinátor pro Moravu projektu Začni správně

Adél directs thematic meetings for children from children's homes and foster care of the Start Right for Bohemia project. It cooperates with children's homes and provides support to young people.

Adéla Karmazínová

koordinátorka pro Čechy projektu Začni správně

Dobrá duše všech akcí yourchance. Zařizuje veškeré věci potřebné k tomu, aby se dělo to, co se má dít, v čase a v místě, s maximální mírou profesionality, ale i pohody a dobré nálady

Lenka Zíková

Event manager


Authors and lecturers of a specialized preparatory course for the nostrification exam of nurses from Ukraine. 

Táňa Kurta a Jan Neugebauer


Gitais a key figure in the Financial Literacy for Schools project, where she takes care of the creation and management of content on social networks. Her talent in the post-production of recordings and videos, and cooperation on training materials and the Budget It! is irreplaceable.

Gita Rozkošná

Social media specialist

Tomáš is involved in the technical background at yourchance events. All the technology listens to him, he unravels the puzzle of cables, thanks to him everything at events, he plays, talks, streams and records himself. He is the conductor of all the world's orchestras.

Tomáš Rozkošný



Social media and communication about the Welcome to the Czech Republic project is in charge of our Ukrainian colleague and marketing specialist Kseniia. They create content and graphics on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.

Kseniia Zakharova 

Social media specialist

Lecturers in financial literacy and entrepreneurship development are an essential part of the Financial Literacy for Schools project. However, they cater to all ages.

Lektorský tým

Mentoring in the "Start on the right foot" project is one of the pillars that gives young adults confidence on their way out of a children's home or foster care. A mentor is still there several years later to help solve various situations in independent life. He's an older, trusted friend. In our project, there are dozens of volunteers who help in this way.

mentoři Začni správně

tým dobrovolníků

We have dozens of psychologists, psychotherapists and mentors involved in the "Welcome to the Czechia" project, who are experts in the field and help Ukrainian youth cope with a traumatic experience, find new hope for the future and integrate into Czech society.

tým psychologické podpory Vítej v Česku

tým odborníků

The "Start on the right foot" project is in the hands of an expert team - Gábina, Jaruška and Honza. They apply their professional skills in the creation and revision of the methodology and at the same time guarantee the highest quality of the work of the implementation team.

Expertní tým projektu Začni správně

Jana, Katka and Mirek, as part of the expert team of the Financial Literacy for Schools project, actively contribute to the creation and improvement of the methodology. They are responsible for ensuring the excellent quality of the work of the implementation team.

Expertní tým projektu Finanční gramotnost do škol 


We would like to thank Gabriela Štiková for her work at yourchance in the years 2010 - 4/2024 as a 

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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